About Us

Enthalpist Refrigeraion & insulation LLP is a new age solution providers for all refrigeration and insulation requirements for all type of applications.

We are a contracting firm which undertake the turnkey jobs in Refrigeration and Insulation.

We undertand that cold storage is the most important process point of any businesses pertaining to perishable commodities like food, pharma products, etc.

Keeping in mind its importance in business processes we design, supply, install, commission and service all kinds of cold storage viz. Blast freezers, Blast chillers, Freezer cold storages, Chilled cold storages, High RH cold storages, Low RH cold storage, Fruits ripening chambers & Mortuary cabinates.

We have carried out some of the most prestigious and complicated cold storage projects in recent years in various business segments like horticulture, floriculture, meat processing, fisheries, food processing, dairy, ice cream, hotels, restaurents etc.

We are associated with some of major international and national equipment manufactures for insulated PUF panels, insulated doors, evaporating units, condensing units, control systems, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, mortuarty cabinates ets.

On understanding the complete requirement for the cold storage need , we consider various design factors, calculate the heat loads, selec t the best suitable equipments, and carry out the installations.

We are equipped with highly experienced Project installation team who carry out the installations of cold storage with utmost finesse and technical precision keeping in mind the importance of the smooth running of the cold storage without any breakdown.

We are also equipped with experienced and quick footed service team which takes care of cold storage breakdown calls during warantee, AMC or on call situations

Sales, installation & service teams are ably supported by our procurement, accounts and administration department.

Our Works